Welcome to About Human Factors

About Human Factors is providing Crew Resource Management courses and human factors training within aviation as on site training or at location in Copenhagen, 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport.  

​We offer a variety of courses within Crew Resource Management training based on 20 years of experience in the industry. Our courses are based on relevant case studies, discussions, and exercises that involves and challenge the participants through facilitation.

​We emphasise quality and relevance for the current operation through the participants' personal experiences and knowledge. Our aim is to provide a more systems thinking approach to CRM where we look at the interactions going on in a complex industry and what this means to the system as a whole. We believe that resilience can be expressed in a system, through the stories and accounts from actors of how work is done in the real life context, all for a better understanding of what flight safety is. 

​We are constantly improving our CRM courses, building on new knowledge to our CRM courses; from psychology courses and in the scientific field of Human Factors. We continuously improve the teaching and our teaching materials.​ Our courses are conducted with a limited number of participants to make sure everybody is heard and to achieve a broader learning. The courses are based on the participants' experience. 


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Upcoming courses

5 Days CRM Trainer Course​:

  • October 26th - October 30th 2020 (Via Zoom)
  • December 7th - December 11th 2020

2 Days Train-the-Trainer (Refresher):

  • December 10th - December 11th 2020

3 DaysTeaching and Learning Course​ (SFI/TRI):