Welcome to About Human Factors

About Human Factors is providing Crew Resource Management Courses within aviation, as on site training, or at our location in Copenhagen, 10 min. by bus from Copenhagen Airport.  

We offer a variety of courses within Crew Resource Management training based on 20 years of experience in the industry. Our courses are based on relevant case-studies, discussions and exercises that involves and challenges the participants through facilitation.

The aim of our courses is to emphasise on quality and relevans for the current operation, through the participants' personal experiences and interactions. This is done by limiting the number of participants, in order to create an intimate atmosphere and achieve a broader learning perspective.  

We are constantly modifying and seeking new knowledge within CRM, psychology courses and in the field of Human Factors, to continuously improve the teaching and materials.​

Feel free to contact us any time.

Upcoming courses

5 Days CRM Trainer Course​:

  • December 16th  - December 20th 2019
  • February 17th - February 21st 2020
  • April 20th - April 24th  2020
  • June 8th - June 12th 2020

2 Days Train-the-Trainer (Refresher):

  • December 19th - December 20th 2019
  • February 20th - February 21st 2020
  • April 23rd - April 24th 2020
  • June 11th - June 12th 2020

3 DaysTeaching and Learning Course​ (SFI/TRI):

  • January 28th - January 30th 2020
  • March 25th - March 27th 2020
  • May 27th - May 29th 2020