About Human Factor Team

​Gitte Furdal Damm

​Gitte founded About Human Factors in 2016 in an effort to raise the quality of CRM and Human Factors training within aviation. She has been in aviation for about 20 years, in which 17 years has been primarily as a pilot but additionally as a Flight Crew Supervisor for a few years. Gitte is now solely teaching Human Factors. She is currently also attending the master program in Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University.

​Birgitte Johansen

Birgitte has been in the aviation industry for nearly 20 years​; initially a decade of piloting turboprop aircraft around Africa, and recently as an airline pilot in Scandinavia. She has served as a Safety Manager, and has for many years been involved in line training of new captains and first officers. This extensive experience in various operations, and very diverse cultural environments is put to good use in our different courses!

​Anne-Marie Brandsborg Walsted

Anne-Marie has more than 20 years of flying experience as a cabin attendant. She started out on turboprop in a regional airline and until recently flew long haul in a major airline. Anne-Marie has served as line trainer and Emergency - and CRM instructor for many years. She teaches CRM in About Human Factors as freelancer. ​