Course Reviews​

" Gitte has a positive power that encourage the Teaching and Learning student to perform well in the learning process and in the role as instructor. Gitte excels in the role."

Jonas Kefi, Captain 737 Norwegian

"Very inspring instructor, good listener, good communicator, involving instructor making the course very much alive."

Martin Nielsen, Pilot Flight 4000

"The best I have attended so far in teaching aspect, in my 22 years of being in aviation. Felt welcome, pace of talk....can go on. Wish you all the best, expecting to meet you for another advance course"

Ahmed Mahid, Captain ATR Villa Air

"Overall impression of course is the best. I learned lots of things, it boost my confidence. For future I will come for my flight Instruction Course. I think, Gitte is the perfect person for my future instruction course"

Krishan Modi, First Officer ATR India

" Yes, the course absolutely met my expectations. Good discussions, good cases, fits well to the company operations"

Svein Petersen, Chief Pilot and Captain on Falcon, Blackbird Air

" Very good and highly relevant, most relevant CRM until now"

Lars Staal, Pilot at Blackbird Air

"All my expectations are very well met. Material are relevant to our future as instructors. High level of instructions and very go​od involvement, students -instructor."

Peter Meilby, Captain on Airbus

"Certainly got a nice toolbox now for the future teaching. Feel I can go right away

now to become a good and valuable instructor. Very professional attitude. Good 

videos and the exercises were informative."

Susanne Vinter, Captain ATR Air Mauritius

“Gitte made these 3 days fantastic. She is a lovely person and passionate about teaching.This course could be quite tough, but Gitte made it one of the better courses I have attended. “

Robert Winge, Captain and Linetrainer at Flybe

“Very inspiring with a new approach to CRM. Excellent with more focus on Human Factors and Personalities.

My expectations were more than fulfilled. I feel that my awareness was lifted to a new level. The new areas of content compared to previous CRM Courses did perfectly match my desire for development”

Morten Pedersen, Director, Accountable Manager and TRI at Global Aviation Contractors.

“Far better standard than the courses I have attended the last 30 years”

Palle Nørby, Captain, TRE, TRI.

“I have attended other CRM courses, but this is the first time where I feel that I seriously have been given some subjects/objects

that can help me personally in both my work and private environment. Gitte is an amazing instructor who captured my attention 200% throughout the day”

Nina Hejlesen, Former Training Coordinator at Global Aviation Contractors.

“I have had lessons from you for several years now. You are very good at evolving your lessons, involving all participants!

Keep up the good work with your warm personality”

Nicolai Zahle Laursen, First Officer and Assistant Training Manager at JetTime.

“Excellent performance, interesting tasks with a surprising “result”. Well done.”

Per Hassing, EASA Skill test Examiner, Captain, TRI, TRE at Global Aviation Contractors.

“Fantastic, brilliant new way of thinking psychology and personality into CRM. Modern, new and up to date”

Patrick Wayne Hejlesen, First Officer at Thomas Cook Airline Scandinavia.