Teaching and Learning Course

Join our Teaching and Learning Course for future Simulator Flight Instructors (SFI) and Type Rating Instructors (TRI) in Copenhagen.

About Human Factors 3 day Teaching and Learning Course is in accordance with EASA regulations.

On this 3 day course we will go through different tools, that will help you in your future role as an SFI/TRI instructor in aviation.

In an open and honest learning environment, we will provide insights in the human factors that play an important role in the teaching and learning process.

These insights will help you tailor the teaching to students, but will also include personal insights that will shape you as an instructor. We will among other things, be digging into personalities, learning styles, the process of learning, challenges in learning and motivation.

This is done through exercises, videoclips, case studies, roleplays, discussions and of course a lot of instruction and facilitation.

The Teaching and Learning Course is in compliance with EASA regulations, and you will receive a course completion certificate.

The course is valid for 6 months for the completion of SFI/TRI.

Max. 6 participants on the course.

The price is 1250€

Covering course materials, certificate, snacks and lunch.​

For more information write to: info@abouthumanfactors.dk