About Human Factor Courses​

Crew Resource Management Courses in Aviation:

About Human Factors provides CRM training for airlines and other flight operations, all in compliance with EASA regulations. The courses are built up with a focus on the interaction between Trainer and participants in an open learning environment. This is done through variation in the teaching such as videoclips, exercises and room for discussions. 

The aim is to address the everyday challenges and finding ways of how to deal with these as a crew, but also to get some personal insights, in order to enhance flight safety.

About Human Factors is working in different kinds of operations, and we do our very best to tailor the training to the needs of the operation at hand, to keep it useful and relevant.

We can provide:

- Initial CRM Training

- Recurrent CRM Training

- Conversion CRM Training

- Commander Upgrade CRM Training

- Teaching and Learning Courses for Line trainers and TRI/SFI

For prices and information, please write to: Info@abouthumanfactors.dk

Teaching and Learning Course:

Join our Teaching and Learning Course for future Synthetic Flight Instructors (SFI) and Type Rating Instructors (TRI) in Copenhagen.

About Human Factors 3 day Teaching and Learning Course is in accordance with EASA regulations.

On this 3 day course we will go through different tools, that will help you in your future role as an SFI/TRI instructor in aviation.

In an open and honest learning environment, we will provide insights in the human factors that play an important role in the teaching and learning process.

These insights will help you in the teaching of students, but will also include personal insights that will shape you as an instructor. We will among other things be digging into personalities, learning styles, the process of learning, challenges in learning and motivation.

This is done through exercises, videoclips, case studies, roleplays, discussions and of course a lot of instruction and facilitation.

The Teaching and Learning Course is in compliance with EASA regulations, and you will receive a Course Completion Certificate.

The course is valid for 6 months for the completion of SFI/TRI, according to the Danish CAA. 

Max. 6 participants on the course.

Upcoming Courses for 2019 in Copenhagen:

- 27th of February to 1st of March 2019

- 27th of May to 29th of May 2019

- 28th of August to 30th of August 2019

- 20th of November to 22nd of November 2019

The price is 1295€

For operations sending more than one participant or Flight schools please contact us on mail for price.

Covering course materials, Course Completion Certificate, snacks and lunch.​

For more information write to: info@abouthumanfactors.dk

Train The Trainer Course:

Every 3rd year you need to refresh your CRM Trainer Certificate according to EASA. Join us on this 3 days interactive course, where you as a trainer are in focus. 

These 3 days are refreshment of mandatory topics, but also new inspiration for your teaching. We will for example dig deep into some of the newer topics, such as Resilience Development and Startle and Surprise effect. We will look at some different case studies, for inspiration to the teaching and connects the dots of the mandatory items. 

Some of the items we will discuss is for example:

- How can we incorporate this to relevance in our line of operation? 

- How can we focus more on the personality awareness?

- How do I deal with some of the challenges that comes with the job as a CRM Trainer?

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with new insights and approaches to the CRM training, but maybe even more to challenge and support the role of the CRM Trainer, to discover new ways and personal insights in how to be a rolemodel for the relevant operation. All this is done, through a relaxed and open learning environment, where we can share the experiences and discuss different challenges through exercises and discussions. 

Upcoming Courses in 2019 in Copenhagen:

- 25th of March to 27th of March 2019

- 17th of June to 19th of June 2019

- 11th of September to 13th of September 2019

- 11th of December to 13th of December 2019

The price is 1295€ and are covering course materials, Course Completion Certificate, lunch and snacks.

For Flight Operations sending more than one participant, please contact:

Info@abouthumanfactors.dk for price

Human Performance and Limitations Course (HPL):

About Human Factors teach HPL both as a part of ATPL theory and for Cabin Crew.

For prices and information, please write to: Info@abouthumanfactors.dk