Crew Resource Management Courses

About Human Factors provides CRM training for airlines and other flight operations, all in compliance with EASA regulations. The courses are built up with a focus on the interaction between Trainer and participants in an open learning environment. This is done through variation in the teaching such as videoclips, exercises and room for discussions.

The aim is to address the everyday challenges and finding ways of how to deal with these as a crew, but also to get some personal insights, in order to enhance flight safety.

About Human Factors is working in different kinds of operations, and we do our very best to tailor the training to the needs of the operation at hand, to keep it useful and relevant.

We can provide:

  • Initial CRM Training
  • Recurrent CRM Training
  • Commander Upgrade CRM Training
  • CRM Trainer Course, 5 days
  • Train-the-Trainer (Refresher) Course, 2 days
  • Teaching and Learning Courses for Line trainers and TRI/SFI

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